WARNING: Details of this story are graphic and may disturb some people.

UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A Union County man accused of torturing a dog is behind bars.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office arrested 22-year-old Tyler Jerdo on multiple charges, including ill treatment of animals after they found a puppy screwed to a bathroom door frame.

“He was still alive, but he was weak, wasn’t sure how long he’d been there,” said Sheriff Jeff Bailey.

The Union County Animal Shelter named the dog, Asher. He was found last week in a Union County home with his paws screwed to a door frame.

“Two, four-inch wood screws through his paw,” said Sheriff Bailey.

Sheriff Jeff Bailey said they were flagged down by a citizen, letting them know about the situation. The officer called for backup and animal control to the home on Whitmire Highway.

“Bar bells, the attic steps were pulled down, a bird bath, several things blocking the actual bathroom door,” he said.

Sheriff Bailey said an officer had to climb through the bathroom window to get to the dog.

“The actual dog was standing, that’s when they observed the screw in the paw,” he said.

He said the officers were able to remove one screw, but one was so deep they couldn’t see it.

“They couldn’t see the screw, so they couldn’t remove it. The paw had just come off of it,” said Sheriff Bailey.

Jerdo is facing numerous charges, including resisting arrest.

“He put up a pretty good fight when he got there, but he was under the influence,” said Sheriff Bailey.

After being put into the car, Sheriff Bailey said Jerdo got out and then headbutted an officer.

The other charges Jerdo faces are escape and possession intent to distribute meth.

Sheriff Bailey said ill treatment of animals is something the Union County courts do not take lightly.

“An animal is pretty much defenseless. So, they take a stand on that. They’ll prosecute him to the fullest I’m sure, he deserves to be,” he said.

The director of the Union County Animal Shelter said Asher is being treated at the Triangle Veterinary Clinic. His next step is being transferred to a specialist in Charleston. Everyone in the county is hoping Asher will have a speedy recovery and find the loving home he deserves.

Jerdo has been denied bond and is currently being held at the Union County Jail.

Sheriff Bailey encourages anyone who sees a situation like this, to immediately call the sheriff’s office.


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