Rimac is an automaker that has not yet become a household name. Still, it is one of the few companies leading the charge in making more environmentally friendly hypercars. The company has been in business since 2011 and showed off its first concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At that time, some of the car’s parts were contracted to other automakers. Since then, the company has produced some concept cars, with the Concept One from 2011 being the first. There was later a production version of the Concept One.

Now the company has the Rimac Nevera. The car was first shown in 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. This car is known not only for being an ultra-fast Hypercar, but it’s also fully electric. While we are accustomed to hypercars being hybrids, the idea of an all-electric car designed for this level of speed and power is still a bit of a novelty. However, Rimac proves to the industry that automakers don’t need the big internal combustion engine to achieve tremendous speeds and an incredible amount of raw power.

The Rimac Nevera is a truly awesome vehicle. It’s solid in terms of appearance, and it also generates impressive speeds without negatively impacting the environment.

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The Acceleration Time Makes The Rimac Nevera Awesome

According to Rimac, a Nevera is an intense storm powered by lightning, so it’s fitting that the company used it as the name and inspiration for its ultra-powerful electric ride. Four independent electric motors power the Rimac Nevera; two motors are on the front, and there are two at the rear of the vehicle. These motors also include four separate inverters and gearboxes. The maximum output is 299 horsepower for each front motor and a torque of 206 lb-ft. The maximum output for each rear motor is 653 horsepower, and 663.8 lb-ft of torque. The battery pack used for this car has a maximum voltage of 730. According to the automaker, this battery can charge from 0 to 80% in only 22 minutes. The Nevera is also no slouch when it comes to range. It can go 341.8 miles on a single charge. This figure is more than most people will need as hypercars aren’t often used for long trips.

The Rimac Nevera is not only super powerful with its use of four eclectic independent motors, but it has one of the fastest acceleration times we’ve seen. The Nevera can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an impressive 1.85 seconds. This acceleration time is almost unheard of and shows what fully electric vehicles are capable of when appropriately engineered. The acceleration is one big reason this car is so awesome. The Nevera has a top speed of 258 miles per hour.

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The Rimac Nevera Is Awesome Because It’s Practical For A Hypercar

Hypercars are often a tab bit lacking when it comes to interior features. The Nevera doesn’t come stacked with luxuries, but it’s a car that has everything it needs to add a level of practicality. For one, this car comes with three TFT screens that the driver can fully customize, and the center screen is quite massive. The interior has a top-notch and expensive look, which is highlighted by the use of billet aluminum on many of the controls in the car. The seats also feature soft upholstery, showing that the automaker designed this car to be comfortable. Comfort is not always the goal with vehicles such as this.

Where the car becomes even more practical is with the windshield. Many hypercars have relatively low visibility, but the Rimac Nevera makes it where drivers can see much more of their surroundings, making this an excellent car for daily use. To add to the practicality of this car, it doesn’t have the same extreme outer appearance as many of its competitors. While some may consider this a deterrent, it helps make this ride fit in rather than always stand out. The Nevera has a bold look, but it’s not as out of the box as you’d see with a car from either Koenigsegg or Pegani.

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The Rimac Nevera Is Awesome Because It Shows What’s Possible

The RImac Nevera is an excellent car because it represents the future in many ways. This is partly because of the company behind it. Rimac has only been around since 2009, which makes it a relatively young automaker. Often car enthusiasts believe that the best ideas come from the big and established auto brands. However, companies like Rimac and Hennessey Special Vehicles prove that great ideas can come from anywhere. This car also shows what’s possible because it is capable of such extreme speeds despite being fully electric. Hypercars are often thought to be bad for the environment, but this is another example to show that they don’t have to be.

The Rimac Nevera is a fantastic car that only a few people will ever experience. Rimac only plans to build and sell 150 units. The car is currently in production, and the company will sell it over the next three years. However, the first full year’s worth of units is already sold out.


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