igus now offers lead screw assemblies as a single-source solution for the automotive industry (Source: igus® GmbH)

Competitively priced dryspin injection-molded lead screw nuts have higher performances

Our lead screws assemblies offer up to 25% less wear and up to 30% longer service life over conventional lead screws thanks to our unique high helix lead screw technology”

— Nick Isabella

STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — igus®, a leading global manufacturer of engineered motion plastics, has announced that its dryspin® lead screw assemblies are now available as a single-source solution for the automotive industry.

In today’s vehicles, advanced linear motion components play a critical role in providing convenience and safety to drivers. Lead screw assemblies are used extensively wherever automotive parts need to be opened, closed, lifted, or lowered. Typical uses include seats, doors, sunroofs, steering columns, and center consoles.

“Our dryspin lead screw assemblies offer precise and smooth movement as well as a high number of life cycles. They are ideal for actuating various automotive applications, such as seats, windows, and air dams,” said Sebastian Bloechl, Head of Automotive dry-tech® North America at igus, Inc. “Our lead screw nuts are made of our high-performance iglide® material, a tribologically-optimized polymer engineered to resist wear and eliminate the need for external lubrication.”

Cost-effective, maintenance-free automotive components

The igus self-lubricating components resist dirt and corrosion and are maintenance-free. In addition, dryspin lead screw assemblies help reduce the vehicle weight for greater fuel efficiency and reduce squeaking, rattling, and other noises, allowing for a more comfortable ride with fewer distractions.

Highly efficient and lightweight lead screw assemblies from a single source for the automotive industry

igus offers trapezoidal and ACME lead screws, as well as a proprietary high helix design with a flatter thread angle, to optimize efficiency. Additionally, low-fogging nut materials are available to reduce outgassing.

“Our lead screws assemblies offer up to 25% less wear and up to 30% longer service life over conventional lead screws thanks to our unique high helix lead screw technology,” said Nick Isabella, dryspin screw drive Product Specialist at igus, Inc.

To learn more about dryspin solutions for automotive applications or to discuss your project with a lead screw assembly expert, visit: https://www.igus.com/info/dryspin-automotive


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igus GmbH develops and produces motion plastics. These self-lubricating, high-performance polymers improve technology and reduce costs wherever things move. In energy supplies, highly flexible cables, plain and linear bearings as well as lead screw technology made of tribo-polymers, igus is the worldwide market leader. The family-run company based in Cologne, Germany, is represented in 35 countries and employs 4,900 people across the globe. In 2021, igus generated a turnover of €961 million. Research in the industry’s largest test laboratories constantly yields innovations and more security for users. 234,000 articles are available from stock and the service life can be calculated online. In recent years, the company has expanded by creating internal startups, for example ball bearings, robot drives, 3D printing, the RBTX platform for Lean Robotics and intelligent “smart plastics” for Industry 4.0. Among the most important environmental investments are the “chainge” program – recycling of used e-chains and the participation in an enterprise that produces oil from plastic waste.

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