Greg Brucke rushed into each room at Hope Missions, pushing a vacuum back and forth. 

One of the rooms he stepped into was filled with racks of clothes. People without a place to live can sleep in here for a time, he said, pointing to a room with green cots on the floor. 

“I have a place now, I’m out of the cold,” Brucke said, in December after weeks of using his paychecks from washing dishes at a downtown restaurant to escape the bitter weather with motel rooms.

Brucke’s journey from sleeping on the ground next to the library to living in a quiet apartment was not easy and like many without a home, it took a community to bring him through.

The Independent Mail followed Brucke for four months documenting his journey to affordable housing.

Greg Brucke walks by a hallway of sleeping cots at Hope Ministries.   Bruck has been working, after being homeless and now lives in an apartment, but returns to help other homeless, and making new friends along the way.

Brucke fought through the barriers of housing shortages, delays in obtaining identification and lack of transportation and four months later has an apartment to rent and a consistent part-time job, but more importantly a community.

“These folks just need somebody to walk through life with them,” said Julie Huber with Hope Missions. “It doesn’t take any super power skills, it’s just persistence.”


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