A Cruise vehicle is driving in Austin after the autonomous vehicle company expanded its driverless robotaxi services here.

Autonomous vehicle company Cruise has recalled part of its self-driving vehicle software and cut contract workers amid efforts by the company to “rebuild public trust” following a high-profile incident in California that involved a Cruise vehicle dragging a pedestrian.

The moves come just weeks after Cruise announced it would proactively pause driverless testing of its vehicles nationwide, including in Austin.

“Part of this involves taking a hard look inwards and at how we do work at Cruise, even if it means doing things that are uncomfortable or difficult,” the company posted on X, formerly Twitter, at the time.

The pause, which started Oct. 26, came just two days after the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended Cruise’s testing and deployment permits in the state, amid a spat where the DMV accused the company of withholding information about an Oct. 2 hit-and-run incident, an accusation the company denied.


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