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Although we mentioned five well-known nationwide providers previously, there are also excellent local choices for auto transport in Austin. Take a look below at an additional provider to consider in Texas.


uShip is headquartered in Austin, TX. Learn more about this provider on the uShip website.

How Much Does Car Shipping In Austin Cost?

The cost of shipping a car to or from Austin can vary based on different things. Your actual costs will mainly depend on factors such as the type of transportation you decide to use.

If you’re sending your car from Austin to another state, you’ll probably choose between open or enclosed trailer transport. If you’re trying to decide which method is best for you, you can find information below about the differences between open and enclosed auto transport to and from Austin. We’ll also explain more about these options later in this article.

Open Car Shipping Rates In Austin

Our data shows that the average cost to ship a car from Austin is $893 for open auto transport, which is 5 percent less than the national average of $1,010. The price information in this article comes from SGT Auto Transport, which is one of our top-rated national car shipping providers. You can find estimated costs for shipping cars to or from Austin on popular routes below:

Auto Shipping Route Total Average Cost
Austin to New York City $1,029
Austin to Miami $659
Austin to Chicago $699
Austin to San Francisco $1,049
Austin to Los Angeles $1,029
New York City to Austin $1,099
Miami to Austin $949
Chicago to Austin $919
San Francisco to Austin $1,129
Los Angeles to Austin $999

Enclosed Auto Shipping Rates In Austin

While enclosed auto shipping from Austin offers better protection for your vehicle, it’s usually 40 percent more costly compared to open auto shipping.

According to our data, the average cost to ship a car from Austin is $1,249 for enclosed carrier transport, which is 2 percent less than the national average. Here are the prices for enclosed car shipping on popular routes to and from Austin:

Auto Shipping Route Total Average Cost
Austin to New York City $1,439
Austin to Miami $919
Austin to Chicago $979
Austin to San Francisco $1,469
Austin to Los Angeles $1,439
New York City to Austin $1,539
Miami to Austin $1,329
Chicago to Austin $1,289
San Francisco to Austin $1,579
Los Angeles to Austin $1,399

Austin Car Shipping Quotes

Remember that the actual costs might be different from the numbers mentioned before because the quotes for shipping a car to or from Austin can be influenced by traffic conditions and the number of people.

We encourage you to reach out and collect auto transport shipping quotes online from several reputable providers in order to find the best options and price for your needs. To get the best prices when getting quotes, you should go for open shipping, reserve your auto shipment ahead of time, and be willing to adjust your dates.

Factors That Affect Austin Car Shipping Costs

Different things can affect how much it costs to ship a car in Austin. These include the type of transport you pick, where you’re getting the car from and where it needs to go, as well as other general factors. All of these things together determine the price of car shipping.

  • Route popularity: You can generally save money by choosing popular shipping routes.
  • Gas prices: If the cost of fuel goes up, it will affect how much you have to pay for car transportation services in Austin. This is especially true if you chose to transport your car over a long distance.
  • Vehicle condition: If you need to transport a vehicle that doesn’t work, it will make the shipping cost more expensive because you will need a forklift or winch to load it onto the trailer.
  • Type of vehicle: If you own a bigger and heavier vehicle, like a truck or SUV, you will have to pay a higher price to transport it to or from Austin.
  • Shipping distance: If you transport your car across the country, you will be charged a lower rate for each mile, but the total cost will be higher. If you transport your car a short distance, the rate for each mile will be higher, but the total cost will be lower.
  • Seasonality: In January and during the summer months, there is a lot of people who want to ship their cars, so it might cost more for you to have your car shipped in Austin.

See more details on key factors that can affect your Austin auto shipping costs below:

Infographic showing seven factors that can affect car shipping costs, including transport type and fuel prices.

Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping Services In Austin

Open car transport is the least expensive choice in the car shipping industry, but if you want to keep your vehicle safe from the weather, enclosed carriers are a better option. Here are the things that make the two auto shipment methods in Austin different.

  • Open car transport: Open transport is the most popular way to ship a car, and it’s the best choice for affordable car shipping. By using this method, you can save money. However, your vehicle may be exposed to weather conditions and possibly get hit by objects on the road. Open carrier shipping trailers can carry up to 10 vehicles at once, while enclosed trailers can only hold two or three vehicles.
  • Enclosed auto transport: Enclosed trailer transport offers additional protection from things like road debris and bad weather, but it will be more expensive when shipping a car in Austin. This is because this method of shipping cars only allows a certain number of cars to be shipped together. However, enclosed auto transport is a great option for shipping luxury cars or classic cars.

Note that when shipping a vehicle out of the country, it may be possible to ship your car via boat, train, or plane.

Choosing Pickup And Delivery Locations In Austin

When you ask for car transport quotes, you’ll probably have the choice between door-to-door services or terminal-to-terminal shipping. Because Austin is more densely populated than the average urban area in the U.S., you’ll have a tougher time with door-to-door shipping. That’s especially true in the city’s densest neighborhoods.

Remember that it might be easier to find door-to-door transport services in crowded cities compared to remote areas. If you live in a rural area outside of Austin and want to save money, you could think about using terminal-to-terminal shipping if it’s an option.

What To Expect When Shipping A Car In Austin

If you want to ship a car to or from Austin, there are some specific things about the city that could impact your car transport experience. The size and population of the city, traffic patterns, and bad weather can all affect how it goes, so it’s a good idea to know about these factors.

Austin receives 35.97 inches of rain per year, which is 1 percent less than the national average. This reduces the chance of shipping delays, which decreases the hassle involved with shipping a car in Austin.

To make the Austin auto transport experience less stressful, it’s important to plan ahead and stay flexible.

Austin Car Shipping: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about shipping a car to or from Austin.


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