Automotive Defense Specialists, a top law firm representing auto repair and SMOG shops, is proud to announce a new post focused on the SMOG industry.

There are times when a SMOG technician is just ‘in the zone’ with their work thinking nothing can stop them.”

— William Ferreira

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / — Automotive Defense Specialists, an expert SMOG license attorney team at, is proud to announce a new post for SMOG technicians and shop owners. The threat of losing a license due to a Bureau of Auto Repair letter may require professional support from a specialized SMOG shop lawyer ready to defend small auto repair businesses.

“There are times when a SMOG technician is just ‘in the zone’ with their work thinking nothing can stop them. Then, a letter from the BAR comes in that threatens their SMOG license. Identifying the next steps can be a challenge,” explained attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists. “Our philosophy is that protecting one’s license may require skilled legal defense.”

The SMOG repair community can review the new post about the value of retaining a SMOG license attorney at As the post explains, technicians and auto shop owners being threatened by the loss of a SMOG license by the Bureau of Automotive Repair can reach out for support. Addressing the threat quickly by speaking to a SMOG shop lawyer could be the answer to protecting a STAR certification or license. Automotive Defense Specialists focus on protecting technicians and small “mom and pop” auto repair shops from the risk of losing a SMOG license. The legal team will review the accusations and help design an immediate plan to defend a SMOG technician in court. The legal team manages court cases for issues including SMOG citations, invalidations, and STAR suspension letters. Interested persons can review the law firm’s page for STAR invalidation (suspension) at


Here is the background on this release. California auto technicians may not realize the vulnerability of a hard-earned SMOG license until it is threatened by a letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. A so-called “accusation” letter can begin the struggle to defend one’s license. A team of lawyers versed in defending SMOG technicians and station owners might be the smart decision.


Automotive Defense Specialists ( is a top law firm representing auto repair facilities, SMOG check stations, and technicians in every facet of their legal needs, including the Bureau of Automotive Repair letters, citations, suspensions, and invalidations. The legal team can help auto shops respond to a Bureau of Auto Repair defense letter. The company offers phone consultations to auto shops, mechanics, technicians, and others facing disciplinary actions from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

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