Jennifer Burdette shares dial-up internet access with her two children, who are currently in first and fifth grade in Anderson County schools.

This makes their e-learning and work-from-home days less than ideal. 

“We have even tried a mobile hotspot,” Burdette said. “The performance was poor.”

As the current digital integration specialist in District Five, she experiences delays, buffering and failures while working on the home network at the same time as her children.

Clouds roll in over a cell phone tower in downtown Anderson, with a wavy texture Monday, March 15, 2021. Forecasters predict rain later in the week.

Anderson County is set to spend $175 million, through state and federal funds, on upgraded fiber internet access across all districts this year.

Broadband infrastructure increasing around Anderson may help many people, but many remote areas will still struggle with internet service issues.

Utility provider Upcountry Fiber has began to build out 3,000 miles of high speed internet to rural areas within the county.


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