YouTube is filled with content from all over the world – from dressmaking and stitching to cooking and swimming. While there are some weird things to watch on the internet platform, motoring enthusiasts have a wide variety of channels to choose from for content.

Some automotive channels deal with the day-to-day struggles of living with a fleet of supercars and hypercars, while others buy cheap vehicles and use expensive parts to fix and/or modify them – such as fitting a $12,000 exhaust system to a few hundred Dollar Mercedes-Benz. Some channels follow aftermarket workshops as they restore and modify old cars or complete special projects for clients. Then there are the YouTubers who are simply in it for the love of cars, such as Hoovie’s Garage, which follows Tyler Hoover spending tens of thousands of Dollars on fixing cheap supercars and luxury cars – usually ending in even more repairs.

So, whether interested in repairing or building up cars and off-road vehicles, or simply interested to see how to live with a fleet of multi-million dollar supercars, there is something for everyone on YouTube. Here are 10 excellent automotive channels to check out.

10/10 Hoovie’s Garage

Lamborghini Diablo, silver, and Murcielago, orange, together on runway
Via: YouTube via Hoovies Garage

Hoovie’s Garage follows Tyler Hoover, a car collector in the US. He usually looks for the cheapest expensive cars in the US, which he then buys, takes to his specialist mechanic – who also has a Youtube channel – and then sells it again to make a profit. Some of the cars he buys stay within his collection due to him either liking them too much or because they do too much repair work.

Lamborghini Countach in garage, white, hood up, presenter at side
Via: YouTube via Hoovies Garage

Hoovie’s Garage is worth a try as Mr. Hoover is quite entertaining in his presenting style, often telling a story about either how he got the specific vehicle he bought or relating a story about how the vehicle came to be – like a mini-history lesson. He is also great at buying vehicles at excellent prices.

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9/10 Tavarish

Tavarish's Hellcat
Via: YouTube

Freddy Hernandez, professionally known as Tavarish, is a YouTuber who documents the repairing of expensive supercars and hypercars at his shop. He usually buys nearly totaled vehicles and rebuilds them to their original factory spec or gets older rental cars which he transforms into awesome models.

Tavarish's Hellcat engine bay
Via: YouTube

Tavarish is also part of Car Trek, a Top Gear-like Cheap Car Challenge spin-off in which he, Tyler Hoover, and Ed Bolian buy second-hand cars and complete a series of challenges. Car Trek is a series worth checking out.

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8/10 Shmee150

AMG Black Series in Solarbeam in the Dubai desert
Via Shmee150 on Instagram

Shmee150, real name Timothy Burton, is an automotive YouTube vlogger who focuses mainly on the day-to-day job of keeping his extensive car collection in proper working order. He started out as a car spotter in London, but now has a rather impressive collection himself – including a custom Ford GT, a rare Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, and a McLaren Senna.

Luc Poirier car collection with Shmee standing in the middle
via: Shmee150 YouTube Channel

Along with his collection in London, he has cars in different places in the world. He also travels to different places for events, and auctions as well as to take part in races such as the recent Gumball 3000. His most recent purchase is a rare Zenvo TSR-S hypercar.

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7/10 Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro in front of a Wagon
Via: Doug DeMuro/YouTube

Doug DeMuro is one of the most well-known automotive reviewers in the US and definitely around the world. He started out doing simple reviews highlighting the weird features and quirks cars have but has now become a phenomenon who has influenced many other reviewers on the platform.

Doug demuro Ferrari 360
via Youtube

He currently has nearly 4.5 million subscribers and well over 1.6 billion views. He has shifted to reviewing more modern cars as classic cars have taken a bit of a downturn in recent years, and now with the ever-rising price of fuel. DeMuro also owns an online auctioneering website for interesting cars, called Cars&Bids.


2022 Tesla Model Y in white
Via YouTube/carwow

CARWOW is a UK-based automotive review channel with Mat Watson as its presenter. CARWOW primarily deals with reviewing brand-new cars, showcasing performance, practicality, and build quality to any potential buyers. CARWOW is also a website on which to find the best prices for new and used cars, as well as sell cars.

Subaru Impreza P1 v Mitsubishi Evo drag
Via: carwow – YouTube

CARWOW’s channel is exciting as Watson often gets some pretty awesome cars to drag race against, most of them with their owners and fellow YouTubers – including Yiannimize. CARWOW also regularly gets access to exclusive reveals of new cars and give updates on the world’s motor shows. It is a channel worth checking out.

5/10 Throttle House

1999 Acura NSX vs 2022 NSX Type S Front View
via Throttle House

Throttle House is a Canada-based review channel, with the cars being tested and scrutinized by Thomas Holland and James Engelsman. The duo usually does some pretty funny things with the cars they test and have done short skits at the start of each video for humorous reasons.

Autozam AZ-1
Via-Throttle House YouTube

While Throttle House is their main channel, they also run Extra Throttle House, a secondary channel in which they just talk, rant, or discuss cars. They also sometimes bring their own cars in to be filmed or make a video on a new car one of them purchased either for themselves or for the channel. All in all, they are entertaining to watch, and their audio is some of the best, with their review of the Lexus LFA being exceptional.

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4/10 DriveTribe

Mike of Drivetribe and their v10 M5 Wagon
Via: YouTube

While the DriveTribe website has announced that it is shutting down, the YouTube channel is still going strong, putting out videos every week. Based in the UK, DriveTribe focuses on the love of cars – showcasing interesting cars, talking to other YouTubers about their collections, rebuilding rare vehicles, and showing off the three leader’s opinions.

Mr. Vanos and Mike of Drivetribe
Via: YouTube

James May and Richard Hammond feature on the channel quite often, as Jeremy Clarkson is occupied with his farm. The channel often follows Hammond as he is busy with his classic car restoration business or asks May to roast some YouTuber’s cars for a laugh.

3/10 CarThrottle

MX-5 Phil
Via Car Throttle

CarThrottle is another UK-based channel mainly focused on buying cheap cars and doing weird and wonderful stuff with them. One of their more famous videos involved driving more than 400 miles on one tank of fuel with a Mazda RX-8 – which they did successfully. Other videos included buying high-mileage vehicles and restoring them to their original condition.

MX-5 Phil
Via Reddit

The channel also tested the effects of weight-saving on vehicles by benchmarking the car around a track, stripping it of everything but the bare essentials, to operate and testing it again. The main presenter also has an ongoing build involving a Mazda MX-5 NA, which has been upgraded a lot over the years.

2/10 Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Morrvair vs Banana hill climb dash
Via Youtube

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery involves Matt and his ‘Yellow Banana’, a heavily modified Jeep Cherokee XJ. The channel involves Matt and his Jeep towing, recovering, and rescuing people who got stuck in the sand or snow in the Southern parts of Utah.

Matt’s Off Road Recovery stuck Jeep
via YouTube Channel @Matt’s Off Road Recovery

Along with the Jeep, the channel also features an even more heavily modified Chevrolet Corvair wagon – called the Morrvair – which is specially built for the job at hand. Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is worth checking out for anyone interested in off-roading and towing.

1/10 RetroPowerCars

Via Youtube

RetroPowerCars is a workshop based in the UK that exclusively builds and restores classic cars. However, unlike normal restorations, this shop also modifies the cars to what the clients want, creating beautiful works of art. They have such a good reputation that the legendary Gordon Murray – the man behind the McLaren F1 – had a Ford Escort Mk1 built for himself using their services.

Via Youtube

RetroPowerCars’ finished products have the same level of quality as Singer’s 911 resto-mods, but they extend this to all makes and models. Some of their projects included making a coupe out of a Jaguar XJ sedan, modernizing a Jaguar Mk2 with a Toyota 2ZJ engine, and supercharging a Lancia Stratos. RetroPowerCars is a channel for anyone who enjoys auto workshops.


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